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Royal modified car is a basis: the trend of the international community, independent design, research and development set, sections of the model the appearance of components of production and sales company. Main production: Europe, America, Japan, surrounded by series of large luxury cars, rear wing, grille, lamp life and reality are closely related to the fine car modification accessories. Fashionable, decency, there is a high degree of taste, can freely choose. Royal converted, your company will provide satisfactory service, so you have the car perfect comfort, the same car to give you all do not feel the same. Surrounded by beautiful large converted star ratings service. Welcome friends to kind of custom-made, the company has first-class designer and first-class service attitude, we need models for your customized. In addition, the company is now a large number of exports, the United States, South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries surrounding the various modified models look fine components. Warm welcome to foreign companies and domestic brand 4S shop, with the companies to find the right sync. Development of domestic and foreign, medium, high, files modified large luxury cars surrounded tail, in the net ... ...

Such as: Lexus, the new IS200, IS300, GS300, GS350, LS400, LS4300, S600. Mercedes-Benz, E Class, S Class, BMW, E46, E60, M5, E90, E92, M3 models, Porsche, Audi Q7, Volkswagen Touareg ... ...

Sports such as: Ferrari F360, F430, F550, Porsche 911,986, Lamborghini, and more. . . The world's various sports carbon fiber hood, rear wing, aero, interiors.

We sincerely welcome you to join us.

Modified car aero demand market with the world today. Modified car outside a nation's cultural achievements of wonders. In China, the culture is just beginning, development, and indulgence. Now the modified car is equivalent to the reform and open China, the Chinese reform and opening up 30 years ago. --- Invest in China are rich. Modified cars are the cause of investment in China, is to invest 30 years ago in China. Investment in China's auto conversion business, please invest in the Royal car modification. Royal modified car modified car company is to create a platform for the cause of reform and opening up. You will be a new generation of architects.


Royal achievements of the company between you and me dream, embodied technology to human happiness. Modified open the horizons for your car ... ...